Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our first family Vacation

We had a great time going to South Dakota, Wyoming and then on Minnesota to see family. Nic did great in the car, but a trip like that tests all our limits for car travel. The sights were worth it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

March for Babies 4-26

The rain cut the walk short, so we bailed for a fun brunch at Nosh in Geneva. Team Nic raised nearly $1,000. Not bad for our first year.
Nicole, one of Nic's primary nurses, came with us, as well as Parker and his mom, Kim, who was a roommate of Nic's. at Rush Copley. We saw another preemie pal, Landon, who is pictures at left in the stroller group. If the weather holds up next year, I think it will be even more fun.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Swim Time

Jeff and Nic started Water Babies today at the Rush-Copley Healthplex Pool. Nic took to the water like a little fish. He didn't cry once, which I can't say was the case for all the babies. He had about 10 classmates ranging from 6 months to 2 years. He loved hearing some of his favorite songs and splashing in the water. He also didn't mind getting dunked. They did some exercises by the side of the pool and others in a circle so the kids could see each other. They also had water toys for him to play with. The indoor temp was quite warm and the water was also very heated. Nic was pretty quiet, just taking it all in with wide eyes. I think he will like it even better next week.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

More #1 B-Day Photos - Feb. 23, 2009

On Nic's real first birthday, we just did yellow upside down ice cream cone cupcakes instead of a big cake. It was easier for him to dig into, but I can't say that he was all that messy. He much preferred having his shirt off to play after it got icing on it.

Belated Birthday Photos

Sorry it's taken so long to get first birthday photos up. It's hard to believe this photo on the left was Nic one year ago, not even 2 lbs. The syringe next to him shows you the comparision in size. We are so thankful for all he has overcome this year. He is such a joy in our lives.

We celebrated Nic's birthday on the day and then also when Grandpa George and Grandma Nancy came to visit that weekend. Grandma Sheila and some friends were able to join us for the celebration. Nic shared his red velvet cake with Grandpa George, since Grandpa got to pick his birthday this year. Nic didn't like the cake nearly as much as his grandpa does. You would have thought we'd fed him pickles! I guess it's good that he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth yet, except for sweet potatoes. He certainly won't have to fight my dad for those. Nic weighed nearly 19 pounds at his first birthday. He loved all his presents, but still was perfectly happy having just the paper they came in to play with as well.

The Boys are Napping

Nic and Jeff take a nice Nap together. Mom grabs the camera ... Monte was napping, too.